Married to a ‘Lifer’

Posted by Nancy Mullane on July 24th, 2012

I wanted to thank you for this book. I am married to a lifer….He took a plea to 2nd degree murder and is still going to the (parole) board and being denied 30 years later.
His emotions and our story mirrors the men in your book. I am thankful that you are putting the facts in front on the public. I have spent years trying to explain the process to people who just can’t understand how flawed this system is and no matter how changed a person is, no matter how hard they have worked, how many classes they have taken, how many times they have facilitated AA, NA, Anger Management, Epicitus Club, Rock Program, etc.,etc., all those chronos (positive reports)….for years and years.
I find it especially amazing that the guys share so many emotions, things my husband has told me, ie., being afraid that his family will think he is still doing wrong and that’s the reason he can’t get out. The adaptability, the sensitivity, the regret.
So, the fight goes on. Hope springs eternal. Swallow the disappointment and keep on keeping on.
Again, thank you for your work and your voice.
Donna and Sergio Aceves
Vacaville, California


Life After Murder challenges us to do the unthinkable in the era of mass incarceration – view those accused of heinous crimes as worthy of our care, compassion and concern. Nancy Mullane, a white woman who once was just as ignorant about the real world of crime and punishment as the typical television viewer, takes us on a remarkable journey behind bars and introduces us to five unforgettable men who are struggling to transform their lives. Through their stories we are reminded of the power and possibility of redemption, as well the nearly unforgiveable crime our nation has committed: treating some human beings as disposable.



“Life After Murder is a gripping behind the scenes look at men who have committed heinous crimes yet still challenge our humanity by asking us to truly consider the meaning of redemption. This is journalism at its finest and a must-read for anyone interested in the realities of our prison system.”

–TOM AMMIANO, California Assembly Member


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